waiting for Boots

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Boots…our soon to be official shop cat. He is 3 months old and coming to live with us this week. I have volunteered to take in foster cats for the SPCA but although they have been in the local news as desparate for foster homes…they are not forthcoming with so much as even one needy cat as yet. I have a tremendous buzz on for having a kitty underfoot, over my shoulder and lurking about. It has been all of 3 years since our 2 cats died and I miss the feline company. Anyway, Boots is a free to good home ad cat and I will be providing him with a super good home and interesting life. I think my dog grooming shop absolutely needs a shop cat…our previous cats were quite comfortable with dogs…I hope Boots is too. Things are very quiet in my shop as I only groom maybe 2 dogs per week….it’s a hobby and not a business.  The dog boarding side holds a maximum of 4 dogs…so we are not over run with dogs…although we do have 3 of our own on the property. There is no interest in the cat boarding end of things and the cat room remains unused so far.


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