Boots…official shop

Boots has arrived and is taking his position as official shop cat to heart. He settled on very quickly and has made himself quite at home. He is a very affectionate 4 1/2 month kitten with a very sensible demeanor. The grooming dogs that were in the shop today…Amos and Andy…have been around cats before so it set the atmosphere of calm perfectly. Boots was able to wander around without being sniffed at and spent a good deal of his time up on the grooming table with Andy during the groom. I believe he is going to fit in nicely here. Our own dogs and a couple of boarding dogs are just hanging out in the shop right now. Boots is safely installed in the cat room where he can observe all these “big” boys without being mobbed. There will be a controlled meet and greet with Zak and Freedom on another day. He has already met Rexy …our Pom/Poo…briefly and that went okay as Rexy knows about cats. Our big boys do not and will need to learn.


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