Bernese named Remy

I had a drop in today looking for a bath and brush for their Bernese dog. That is what folks out here like about my shop…not busy… no problem taking some one without an appointment…usually.   He is an 11 month old, intact male…quite a good looking boy and very well behaved through the process. He already weighs 90 pounds. The groom went smoothly. I did find 3 lice on one of his ears and spotted a number of nits on his hair. I saved a specimen of each for the owner to take to the vet for verification and treatment. I really keep an  eye out for these little parasites so that people get treatment asap… This was his first visit here and I certainly don’t want anyone thinking any dog picked up lice from here. I always do a thorough cleaning after each and every dog that I groom. There seems to be a number of cases around this area…I didn’t know lice were all that common a problem until this year. Weird. Anyway I forgot to take a photo of this one but I’m sure that he’ll be back.


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