Buddy the diabetic ShihTzu came to visit my grooming table today. He was his usual grumbling grouchy self…all “don’t touch my front legs” or else!! We got through it all relativelywell. He is very thin and crossly uncooperative if at all rushed so patience was the order of the day. I scizzor his legs to avoid confrontation and his body is a #4. He gets a short round face and short ears along with kind of round feet. His biggest issue used to be nail trimming…he came with all kinds of stories and warnings from his owners, but, I just leave them to the end of the grooming process. Then I have no problems getting them done…he doesn’t even struggle.

There were lots of distractions going on in the shop during today’s grooming session. Boots and Bella..the shop cats…have not arrived at “friendship” as yet. There is still a stand off…a bit of growling and hissing…but Boots is willing to be friends if only Bella would give it a chance. It gets better every day though. Today I trimmed the claws on both cats so if they make contact they won’t be as razor sharp.


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