Coquette-Pomeranian Poodle x

Foxy little Coquette came to visit my grooming table yesterday afternoon. She is a Pom/Poodle cross with the most interesting brindle coloured coat. She is a sweet little girl…so very unlike my own Pom/Poodle cross Rexy who is a crotchety old sock. Her trim is 5/8″ body and head, #4  on lower legs blended to body,  #5 muzzle with ears blended down to body length, round feet  and just a tidy of the tail. The hair on her legs tends to lay down so I find that one pass with a #4 blade followed by scizzoring brings them down nicely to blend with body.

In the morning, before Dixie went home from her 4 day board with us, I groomed her with a #5 all except for her head which I groomed in the breed (Cairn Terrier) trim. This was a customer request so as to maintain her Cairn “looks” and to keep her very low to the ground body cleaner and drier for the winter months. She looked okay though but I forgot to get a photo ofcourse.


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