J Bars head study for commission

I’ve worked up a portrait composition for my commission drawing of a horse. There is no immedate deadline for the completion…so glad for that.  I am quite pleased with the compostion of this; there will be a full body drawing of the horse in the lower corner across from the name. This will show off the horse’s beautiful Appaloosa rump markings. I’ve had on major set back with this…an almost disaster.  One of the shop cats walked across my drawing and turned to lie down…12 pounds of torque and pressure. The result was a nasty smug which would not lift with a kneaded eraser. I reworked the spot so that it hardly shows even to me but…I know it’s there. It’s likely I’ll have to redo the whole piece. It bugs me to look at this also because it looks blotchy but I have to remind myself…Appy’s are blotchy horses. I have to include the blotches that truly exist…still bugs me.  I have also got another pose in mind that I would like to try. The biggest challenge for me to manage  either of the two possibilities is that I don’t have good clear reference photos to work from. Challenge is good…I guess. Yes…that’s it…challenge is good!!!!


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