JBars2 wip alternate

I’ve worked a bit more on JBars alternate art work in progress. I corrected the placement of his colour markings and begun the other eye. There is also some more shading done which helps to define the shape of his nose and jaw. I really like this pose better because I can get the swirl on his forehead in.

Swirls, at least in the racing Thoroughbred world which is where my equine experience lies, are a major identifier for horses…each horse has its own unique swirl placement and number of swirls on the face. There are people paid to go around to “identify” yearlings so that when they begin their racing careers at 2years there is no question as to who the dam and sire are. Ofcourse they use DNA now too but the old standard id still exists.

I’m not sure but I am still leaning toward getting in his full body as in the first JBars work. But, I may do so as more of a ‘Remarques’ in the border. Gotta think about that for a while and see how this one shapes up.


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