jbaars2 wip5

I’ve made a few corrections to my graphite drawing of JBars:  lettering, shading, eyes, and who knows what else. Short memory! This graphite drawing is looking better to me now. I kind of forced myself to get at it yesterday. Once I got going the negativity went away. As a graphite artist am I totally pleased with this yet? Well no but it does look pretty okay so far. I think I need to veg on it for a few days…not even look at it for a whole day even. Then what else needs done may become apparent to me. It is still an art work in progress.


2 thoughts on “jbaars2 wip5

  1. Eldi, JBars is magnificent! What a spectacular model! Love the expression on his face and fine way you are working his fur. I am looking forward to the next installment.

    I also came here to thank you for visiting my blog and checking out new portraits. With the deadline for my project approaching I feel stressed for time and have stopped visiting my blogger friends – I apologize. When the project is finished I will be visiting more often :).

    • Thank you Alex for the very encouraging comment. I have been sooo enjoying your portrait project…no need to apologize…you gotta stay in the zone to finish such wonderful project on time!

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