From the shop-boarding mostly

The past couple of weeks have been very slow on the dog groomer end of  things. Where are all my little buddies?? We did have some dog boarding action though. Rufus came for a 10 day stay. He is an 11 month old Airdale with all of the terrier characteristic  and then some. He has boundless energy and is full of mischief all the time. We can’t let our old Rexy (photo) out at the same time as him…he just vexes him…

smacks him on the back with his paws. He refuses to come when called and many other naughty behaviours. He finally started to come in when our Standard Poodles (photo) would come in but not all the time. By the time he figured out our routine and was kind of reliable it was time for him to go home. Rio, a 12 year old German Shephed, came for a few day board also…he’s still here in fact. He is such a sweet old guy…gets along with everybody just fine. He got here while Rufus was still here for a day. Now that was a shocker…Rufus had a very aggressive Terrier moment and Rio was not about to back down. We had to step in to stop it from escalating. We were both surprised by this as the two have been together with no problems in the summer time (photo). Needless to say we separated the two for the duration. They will both be back during the Xmas week so we need to work out a plan to handle the situation…separate outside times…or…??? Should be interesting.


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