Ratboy, Sunny and Emmy

It has been very quiet for the last week or so but at last some little friends have come to visit my grooming table. Ratboy came in for a little freshening up. He had some nasty poop crusties on his butt and wouldn’t let anyone at home take care of it. Sooo, he got a bath and trim…just a 1 inch comb body and tidy his feet and face. There were a lot of matts on his groin, tummy and inner hind legs to work out as well. His is a difficult one to groom because of a weak pelvis and hind legs which are the result of an accident a couple of years ago.  Sunny and Emmy are sister Maltese/Poodle crosses…quite cute but a tad oddly shaped. Sunny has very wonky legs…Emmy’s are wonky too but not quite as bad. They are good little girls to work on. Their regular groom is a #4 blade all over, round feet and just a tidy on the ears and tail.  It felt good to be grooming again after the lull.


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