Today was another dog grooming day from….the good god why did I think this would ever  be a good idea realm. Buster came in for his regular grooming…5/8 inch body, #4 legs, short round face.  Buster has a red star warning by his name…saying that he should never be booked in if Mike is not here to help me. Buster has every trick known to dogs and groomers in the entire world! He screams and flails, he jumps randomly into the air, he lays his little head back and howls, he writhes like a snake, he yanks his legs this way and that and…let’s not forget…the biting and clawing. All this within the first 10 minutes. This is the reason for needing an assistant to pluck his ears and trim his nails. Add to the fun this time

that his owner’s requested ‘poodle feet’ to help keeping snow balls away. Having got this out of the way while Mike held and grappled with the little imp…I had to move on solo to bathe, dry and trim his hair. All of the 2 hours of grooming involved random flailing, yanking,  jerking, shrieking, jumping and vigorous head shaking of the head. Ah me, it’s a wonder he actually came out of it all looking pretty good…though to be honest a calm dog would have ended up looking a heck of a lot better.

On the other end of the spectrum entirely, Rio, a most enjoyable 12 year old German Shepherd went home from a 5 day board. During his stay he was a true gentleman…no fuss and lots of fun running and roaming the property. We even brought him into the house in the evenings to watch TV. Our own dogs welcomed his presence unconditionally…even old Rexy accepted that.

Tomorrow I have nothing booked soooo it’s off to ice fish in the morning then I’ll concentrate on some art and my current commission graphite drawing.


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