Today Diesel came to my grooming table for his regular winter trim. I used a #3 blade on the body and then down the outer sides of his legs just to set the length on his very touchy legs. He can become very unruly if I try to much more than that on his legs with the clippers. I follow that up with scizzoring the legs to match the body. I have basically one shot at the face. I used #5 down the sides of his head…only one pass is allowed by Diesel rules. Then I can scizzor with  blending shears on his nose and under the eyes…I have to settle for how it looks when the head shaking and teeth come out so I try to get it all in one try. He is good for his nail trim…amazing when you think about it. I triple loop him to pluck the ears…1  above at the back, 1 above at the front and 1 directly forward at the front. This narrows the bite zone and I can get the ears plucked without getting bitten…he is very fast. Combing out his matted ears and tail go well too. I kept my dogs and a boarding dog in the shop today while I groomed Diesel. I think that actually helped to distract him from being his usual cranky self.


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