Friend-art work in progress

I have decided to take on this graphite drawing to get a clearer grasp of a  friendship that has spanned most of my life. Even as I begin to just find the proper placement of the eyes on the page; memories flood my mind. Lea is the one who draws me. She draws me back from the edge at just the right moment. She is the soothing voice of reason when all is chaos. When I look into these eyes I seek to find her calm and unconditional acceptance. When I look at the reference photo I see everything there is to know about this dear friend…it is safe for me to know her with the innocence of a child and the trust of a secure adult.  The shirt in the photo is soft and worn…she wears her clothes like old  friends…wrapping herself in their warmth and comfort…until they are at last threadbare…no longer wearable but still well loved.  Our friendship is like that. It is soft and worn but still warm and comfortable. Our friendship is much like this graphite drawing…a work in progress.


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