Friend wip update

The past 24 hours have been a testiment to the strength of our friendship. While she can not be with me at every moment in times of stress, Lea comes through in the crunch. My husband has been jockeyed around to three different hospitals, each several hours drive further than the next. He has ended up finally in good hands some 6 hour drive from here. Emergency surgery is slated for 4:00 pm today. I have been scattered as I wait.  Her sensible words…you are where you should be…sitting in a waiting room worrying doesn’t make things go better. Draw, walk the dogs, breathe. Good advice. I walked the dogs on leash to pick up the mail; 2miles round trip. Now to draw.  I have tweeked the eyes in this portrait to the point of being almost there. I can see a little something in the eyelids and the pupils yet to be corrected. It is coming along well and I feel a sense of calm settling around me. There is something about a graphite drawing developing quietly and gently that grounds me. I breathe.


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