friend work in progress8

This graphite drawing is coming together nicely. There is some work ahead with the eyebrows and the hairline to improve the accuracy. The neck and shoulders are taking shape to connect the head to the body. Connections are being made on many levels now that the face is not just hanging out in the middle of the nowhere. The portrait Friend is proving to be an experience of self exploration. This was to be a simple project to loosen up and get the horse hair out of my head from the head studies of JBars that I did last. It has turned out to be a ‘head study’ of a different sort as well. My head…inside and out. Humans are complex beings especially that part which makes up our psyche. In the first post of this project I had to acknowledged that Lea is the one that draws in order to proceed.  I discovered that the composite me can not draw… too scattered. Lea is in fact the part of me that draws. I feel fully aware now  and not weirded out by it in fact it feels quite comfortable.


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