friend work in progress9

The shading at the hairline seems to have shaped the forehead more realistically. The eyebrows also look right now. The eye on the left of the screen is still prickling…something about it is still off. There is still much to work…the hair needs more darks, the shirt needs more shading, overall the work needs more blending…all to bring it closer to the reference photo. This is the tedious part. Finding all of the little discrepancies that make the portrait not look like the person. The trick is not to rush it and utter something like that’s close enough. What is often most remembered about a portrait that is close enough is that particular little detail that makes it not quite right. On the other hand I find it perfectly fine to be not quite right…perhaps a better word is different…on the inside. That will always be a work in progress…doesn’t require a signature and final fixative.


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