horse commission work in progress 1

I have made a start on the horse commission using one of the three photos sent to me. Of the 3 this is the only one that is clear enough to work with. My goal  is to draw an exact as possible replica of the horse in the photo with out the distracting background. That way there should not be any chance of it not doing the horse justice…it will be what it is: an aging horse with a rough winter coat exactly as seen. The background leads me to believe it was either late fall, pre-snow winter with the winter coat coming in or very early spring before the winter coat was shed. In the next best photos the horse looked very aged and gaunt with the long wispy straggly coat of an ill or old horse in mid shed. That photo was out of focus and so not a good choice to work with. The third photo was of the horse lying down…totally out of focus…with the look on its face like it had been hit on the head with a sack of hammers. That old saying that you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear comes to mind. I tried that with the head studies from the previous batch of photos and it was not well received…”does not do the horse justice”. And so, toward exacting realism is the direction I go now.


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