horse commission work in progress4

This is a much better scan than the last time. I have done some more work on the developing the shadows and hair direction of the belly and rump. I have begun to move up the neck and mane. This particular horse has a very sparse mane. At first I thought it may have been a roached mane but, no, it is just kind of sparse and wispy. The rope that is draped across his back, in that trusting manner that good old reliable horses earn, has taken shape as well. I took some time to lightly sketch in the direction of the hair that grows along his neck and shoulder. It is quite wavy looking and should add a look of individuality to the piece. This has not been picked up by the scanner but as it takes shape it should prove to be very interesting to work on. Part of the enjoyment of working on a graphite drawing as an artwork in progress is taking the time to enjoy the process; taking time to enjoy the way it emerges out of seeminly nothing or even chaos at times.


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