horse commission work in progress9

The horse’s head is shaping up now. I am working on smooth Bristol that is 9″x12″ using B, 2B, H, 2H, 7H and 8H derwent pencils. I thought the  paper size would be okay to work on and for the body it has been. However, what I am finding now that I am working on the details of the face; is that the size is somewhat cramping. I am losing the very subtle details of the face because they seem just too small to all fit in. This is a disappointment.The overall Appaloosa appearance is coming through  alright. There I go doubting my self again. I look forward to getting this graphite drawing over with. The only saving grace, that I have going on right now, is a new sketch book journal that I have begun to learn and practice drawing the human form. I have become impatient with this horse project and the practice on the human form gives me the much needed break from it.


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