Dexter work in progress 1

I have found a new project…a labor of love for me. Dexter was my most wonderful faithful and loving companion for 14 years. He died in 2004 and I have been unable to even begin a portrait of him until now. Every  time I look  into those eyesI still tear up. What a huge impact that little guy had on my life!! Anyway, the blur of tears aside, the challenge of getting his likeness down on paper will be the curly hair. He was a very light apricot toy poodle so what I have to work on is developing texture and shape while maintaining the lightness of the color of the hair. I have started by setting in place the main features and outline of the head and ears. My goal is to develop the eyes, nose and mouth to as realistic a point as I can manage. I am thinking that the wild nature of his hair will likely be developed in a less defined, ethereal way which will work to express its lightness. Maybe.

Dexter wip 1


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