Illustration Friday Theme- Journey

Kitten's First Journey

This week’s Illustration Friday theme is Journey. This brought to mind something I observed on a farm where I worked. A semi-feral cat that I had dubbed “Minnie” had her kittens in a space in between the inner and outer walls of the horse shelter in the far paddock. This was about a quarter mile from the barn where all cats, wild or not, were welcome to enjoy a bowl of food in the feed room. The area between the barn and that paddock was rife with coyotes. When the kittens outgrew their mother’s ability to keep them fed she spent one whole day carrying all four kittens, one at a time, up out of the wall, along the top of the fence and up into the safety of the rafters of the barn. This was the kittens’ first journey, the first of many for them as it would turn out.


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