Sketchbook Project 2012-sketch 6

For the sixth entry in my Sketchbook Project 2012 I have done a graphite drawing of one of the six cows that we had on our farm when I was a child. There were five Jersey cows and one Redpole cow for milk and other dairy delights. Daisy, Susannah, Red, Marietta, Nancy Dreamer and Bella. Every year there were calves born which provided the family freezer with beef too. In the morning my brother and I would hand-milk two cows each before going to school and after school we would hand-milk three each while mom prepared supper. I recall the sweet pleasure of leaning my fore head on the warm soft side of the cows as I rythmically filled the bucket with wonderous milk. Sadly the cows had to be put down due to tuberculosis. The loss of the cows began the decline and eventual end of our cat colony too. Without the warmth and safety of the cow barn they moved on or succumbed to the many other dangers of farm life.


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