Sketchbook Project 2012-sketch 7

This little guy which I have chosen for sketch 7 in my Sketchbook Project 2012 really stole my heart away. He strayed onto the farm…tiny skinny and very afraid. I think that someone dropped him in the middle of nowhere in hopes that a farm was the place to be. It took some time and effort for me to befriend him and convince my folks that he just had to stay. Like so many of the cats that lived on the farm he did not live more than 2 years. I had moved into the city to my first job already when I learned that he was gone. So sad to  lose him but so glad to have known him anyway.


2 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project 2012-sketch 7

  1. Hi Eldy, Thank you for sharing your sketches. No wonder they are going on tour, You are absolutely wonderful! Amazing talent and skill. But the way you capture their souls, shining through their expressive eyes is something to be quite proud of. Through your art work you express such amazing messages about adopting beauties such as these.
    We have been planning on adopting a new baby kitten for our young man Truman’s companion, we have just made the choice to bring two new fur babies home.

    fabulous work and such tender memories.

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