Sketchbook Project 2012-sketch 8

Graphite drawing entry #8 in my Sketchbook Project is of Samson and Delilah. These were two tiny mischief makers that I found in the Winnipeg Free Press after I moved into a funky little studio apartment in the ’70’s. They kept me awake at night with all their games of chase and wrestle…galloping around the room, across the bed and randomly settling in for a good kick and bite session before they would finally go to sleep. I moved a couple of times with them in tow but when I chose a newer building to move to I was not allowed to keep them. Their lives on the farm were filled with very new and different experiences..


One thought on “Sketchbook Project 2012-sketch 8

  1. It is not easy to give a pets, no matter how much the situation may call for it. I’m glad that they got to go to a farm, they will be about as happy as they can possibly get living there.
    I love the expression on their little faces. The one on the right looks like he or she is ready to pounce; excellent work, eldy!
    Love your new theme eldy, the dark background really looks great behind your artwork, and your gallery looks fantastic! It takes me forever to choose and theme, then when I do, I want to try another out.. lol, BTW, if you see me do that just know your at the right place….sort of like changing clothes a lot…lol
    Have a great day, eldy!

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