Illustration Friday Theme-gesture

A couple of weeks prior to an over the Christmas season “farm-sitting” job, I received a phone message letting me know that one of this clients dogs had died. I had been to their home just a few weeks before to take care of their menagerie of horses, dogs and cats for a weekend; at that time Kizzie, a Rottweiler, was quite ill with lung cancer…medicated and hardly moving from the sofa. I arrived at the farm a few days before Christmas…greeted and released their three remaining dogs, brought in and fed their horses and headed up to the house.  My next chore was to feed the cats and settle down with my own dinner to read the wonderful detailed note that Meryl always left for me.  As I entered the living room there in the corner stood their traditional seven foot tall perfectly groomed real Christmas tree…which I looked forward to seeing every year. This particular year I was witness to the consummate gesture of love. There was one single ornament on the tree…not even any lights. Nestled lovingly within the boughs of this majestic tree was a small framed picture of Kizzie. She had so loved to lie under the Christmas tree every year.


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