Sketchbook Project 2012-sketch 16

#16…wow…the half way point for the project! This graphite drawing is of my beloved Dexter. Ping…that’s my heart aching…still miss him so. He was such a wonderful companion. He loved kittens and the mother cats at the barn where I used to work never worried when he came around…but they ran off every other dog that came near their kittens! The stud horse Alf even liked him…they sniffed noses when I was in the paddock cleaning out the water tub…I was so surprised…at both of them over that.


7 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project 2012-sketch 16

    • Yes, Dexter had that way about him. Even when he came along to farm-sit with me…chickens,ducks, pigs, horses,bunnies they all seemed to know.

  1. Heautiful work, Eldy! Dexter’s soul really shines through. I know that “ping” you mention well and can totally empathize with how you must feel. I lost my beloved dog Pavlov over a year ago now and still miss him terribly. But he has visited me numerous times in dreams since his passing and I can feel his presence when I stop to pay attention. Dogs are capable of such amazing, pure love and devotion. I am sure Dexter is still with you in spirit.

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