Illustration Friday Theme-swell

The expression on this kitty’s face says: “Life is just swell with my best buddy in the whole world!” I find myself down to the wire on the Illustration Friday ( ) theme for this week…I hate to miss them completely. I am trying to get a grasp on watercolor and could have taken a photo of paper “swelling” into mud right before my eyes I guess. Instead I dug this graphite drawing out of archives because it seemed to say swell much better.


9 thoughts on “Illustration Friday Theme-swell

  1. it is a beautiful drawing, and passes on the feeling too. I look forward to seeing your watercolour experiments and progress too. Perhaps mud will be a propos next week’s topic? : )

    • Thank you for popping in. I had a boo at your blog…lovely interpretations of the IF themes! I’ll likely make a page on my blog for my watercolor progress as soon as I see some “progress”.

    • Thank you Linda. I often drop by your blog for insightful inspiration…your art work is exquisite and your thoughts in general on the themes are well worth the read.

    • The reference photo for this drawing came to my email box amongst an assortment of cute pics making their rounds on the internet. The kitten’s expression feels like pleasure. Thank you for having a look.

  2. Well, you have me smiling, Eldy. You just described my first dances with watercolors. Hang in there!.

    Love this drawing. Who ever started the thing about dogs not liking cats and vice versa. That has not been my experience. 🙂

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