Illustration Friday Theme-influence

Everything that one experiences in one’s childhood has an influence on everything else.  The most seemingly inconsequential experience to the most heinous experience…regardless of a person’s age…does in fact have an influence on how a person perceives one’s place in the universe, one’s future experiences and one’s perception of life in general…one’s perception of self even.  I, personally, have lived my life like a leaf in the wind…at times a good thing and at times not so much so.  I have no regrets…I have come out at this stage of life with a wealth of personal insight, a loving and supporting man at my side, and a degree of sanity and self knowledge which at times frightens and at once amazes me.  In hindsight, there are many things I could have done differently, had I at the time been capably aware not only of what I was doing but also of the consequences…water under the bridge.  I still prefer…in the moment living…a leaf in the wind but now I am in control of the flight.  My flight is gently planned now influenced by the promise of personal growth and creativity.


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