Sketchbook Project 2012-sketch 19

You may recall Kizzie from my Illustration Friday entry a while back ( )which spoke of the love her family had for her. Today I would like to share some insight on Kizzie’s intelligence and instinctive herding nature. I was farm-sitting some time back when my grandson was between 2 or 3 years old. My daughter and he had come to visit the farm while I was there. We were all headed down the hill to the barn to feed the horses when Shaun enthusiastically began to run ahead. Both of us called for him to stop, hoping to avoid an inevitable nosedive as gravity pulled him more and more quickly down the hill…faster than those little legs could handle. Kizzie, who was lumbering along beside me, picked up her pace, trotted just slightly ahead of Shaun, turned and stopped him with the soft broadside of her body. She waited for us to catch up and take him in hand before she continued on down to the barn with us. Pretty amazing I thought!!


One thought on “Sketchbook Project 2012-sketch 19

  1. I love your story and I understand the intelligence and nature of dogs. I remember once our dog did something simular with our little girl. I had gone outside to do something and my husband was inside with the baby, Next thing I new our dog Tuvoc barked a little bark to me and she was standing, broad side to the opening, infront of her doggy door where our little girl was in the process of climbing through. It would have been a bit of a drop for her on the other side and she could have been outside without me knowing if my beautiful dog hadnt told me and ‘held’ her for me until I could get to her.

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