Watercolor #1

Watercolor #1

Well here goes! My first watercolor…after 3 tries I finally have something that resembles a painting. It is still fraught with errors but it is so much better than my first attempts that I felt like sharing. The full piece is a study done by Susan Harrison-Tustain in one of her instructional DVDs. As hard as I tried I could not manage the porcelain bowl that sat behind the rose…so I cut my losses and settled for the rose and bud alone. Anyway, I like her technique and instruction style so her DVDs have become my Holy Grail. My plan is to create a page soon, here within this blog, dedicated to my watercolor endeavours which I’ll update as I learn and hopefully grow.


4 thoughts on “Watercolor #1

  1. Watercolor is tough, very unforgiving. This is a nice painting considering how new watercolor painting is to you… Can’t wait to see how you progress in this.

    [You probably already know, but I’ve been told the rule is: work watercolor from light to dark, work gouache from dark to light. (Hah, I say that like I know something. You probably know more than I do.)]

    Best, Sandra

    • Thankyou Sandra for having a look at my little watercolor. I’m pretty sure you could put what I know about watercolor on the point of a needle and still have room! This is kind of funny…I’m getting going on a new watercolor painting and how did I start…dark to light! Oh well…to live is to learn.

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