Sketchbook Project-Butch

This graphite drawing of Butch brought back a flood of memories from my years of working on the Thoroughbred farm. The farm was a breeding facility primarily and so there were many mares that came through during the spring. The rest of the year for the most part was taking care of the resident stud horses, a few boarded mares and youngsters and Butch. His constant presence and quiet ways drew him deeply into my heart even though I knew him fairly briefly considering his longevity. He was a quiet gelding horse which made him an excellent companion to the mares and yearling fillies. He did not care to be around the rambunctious behavior of young colts. He served as gentle “uncle” to the orphaned Bad Ass as a yearling filly when the rest of her buddies were shipped home. On the day of his death, with all of our efforts to get him up and then finally pulling his dead body out of the shelter in the paddock, he left behind an amazing sand angel. Remember snow angels from childhood? When horses roll in the sand they in a similar way create sand angels. Butch’s final sand angel was so beautiful…it looked as though wings had indeed lifted him away from us.


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