Sketchbook Project 2012-Alfaari

What a delightful fellow this Alf was.  His reputation as a tough guy had much to do with the way he greeted strangers.  However, as I came to know him better and better over the years I saw him as a stallion worth trusting…but still a huge and powerful horse.  His true nature, as a well schooled and  kind horse, became evident to me when after several years on the job part of my duties came to include handling him.  My first time clipping onto him with a lip chain was a fiasco really…man he could have nailed me!  But, he did not.  My fingers accidentally slipped right into his mouth as I tried to set the chain across his upper gums, he was snapping away with his ears laid back, but as soon as he felt my fingers he stopped all movement and waited for me to “smarten up”.  What a guy.


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