Sketchbook Project 2012-entry

This graphite drawing in my Sketchbook Project is of Duke, a lovable huge German Shepherd who was one of many pets that I took care of while house sitting. He really took to me right away and was always at my side as I did farm chores there.  He was terribly frightened of thunder and removed chunks of siding from around the door in his panic during one storm.  I recall one of the first of many times I spent there, I slipped and fell on quite a downhill slope. As I was still rolling down the hill all I could see was the delighted look on his face as he romped playfully along beside me.  He seemed to think I was the best playmate ever.


5 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project 2012-entry

  1. That’s a great story about Duke romping alongside you as you fell. 🙂 Dogs do seem to find the fun in many situations, don’t they? Wonderful drawing of Duke too. You have a gift for capturing not only an animal’s physical traits, but their personality traits as well. By looking at the picture, I can tell Duke is a big and sweet dog.

  2. What a lovable looking fella! Just something about dogs can really make you happy even if you’re having a down day—they can make you smile no matter what. : ) Beautiful portrait!

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