Kreativ Blogger Award

I have just received this award from Kim.  Thank you so much!

The rules: 1)Select six blogs to receive this award  2) Share ten things that your readers don’t know about you.

I would love to pass this award on to these blogs but please remember there is no obligation for others to do so. I so enjoy your blogs and wish to thank you for sharing and dropping by my blog too.

What don’t my readers know about me?

1) I am a Leo born in the year of the Tiger, the knowledge of which makes me feel bold and fierce from time to time. 2)I am most comfortable with solitude.  3)I did not draw as a child, teen or young adult; 4)I sat for hours staring out the window…empty. 5)My creativity awoke at age 44. 6)A late bloomer I became a fully present participant of life at age 60.


5 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

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