My latest watercolor studies

floral lesson 4floral lesson 5original floral 1I feel like I am starting to make real progress with watercolor.  I did four more studies that were lessons from the DVD that I am learning from.  I also created my very own first original of a daisy grouping…my own photo reference, drawing and painting…as opposed to using idea, reference and drawing from the lesson DVD.  What I am finding now is that I catch myself…sometimes just in the knick of time…and stop before I over-work the paint and what a difference that makes.  I also used Pebeo drawing gum to protect the white of the paper for the daisy petals…good stuff.  The wind-blown daisies are done using a wax resist technique to protect the white paper of the daisy petals which is part of the DVD lesson.   Two of the floral studies are based on the ink line and wash technique from the DVD too.


6 thoughts on “My latest watercolor studies

    • Thank you. I actually have 2 different artist’s DVDs on the go and used a combination of their techniques. I have several DVDs by Susan Harrison-Tustain. She uses a very controlled technique on hot press paper which I have not totally mastered yet but love the effect. The other is Expressive Watercolour Florals by Joanne Boon Thomas in which she demonstrates a very wild and free impressionistic style on cold press paper which I can’t get myself to totally commit to. So I’ve used Susan Harrison-Tustain’s priming technique on the cold press paper along with the studies and color suggestions of the freer style by Joanne in a slightly more controlled way. All in all it is helping me to get to know what watercolor does and does not do.

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