A new Fiction Project 2013 from Brooklyn Art Library

IMGP9528 (1280x1253)I am so excited with this news that I received in my email today. I signed up right away and once I get my project book I will share my progress here with all.  This is the email that I received about the new Fiction Project:

In this new release, we’re focusing on a specific genre of The Sketchbook Project collection by encouraging amazing story tellers to fill up a book with a work of fiction.

Works of fiction inspire us by being grown from the imagination and have the power to create people, places, things, and events that never existed before – they could even re-imagine history or predict the future. So welcome novelists, sci-fi enthusiasts, dreamers, children’s book writers, mythologists, and anyone else who has a story to pen – this one’s for you!

All books in Fiction Project  2013 will be added to the Digital Library and get to travel in the Mobile Library! This will the first time we’ve opened up Fiction Project since 2010, and it’s only open to 250 participants worldwide.

Fiction Project 2013 includes:

•An official lined Sketchbook Project notebook with Fiction Project cover card, including official rules with guidelines and all the other info you’ll need to know

•Digitizing of your entire Fiction Project book to be added to our online Digital Library

•Your book will travel in The Sketchbook Project Mobile Library to be shared in new places

•Your book will join the permanent collection at Brooklyn Art Library, our storefront space in Brooklyn, NY

These are the same folks that host the Sketchbook Project visit their site for additional information or to participate too.


4 thoughts on “A new Fiction Project 2013 from Brooklyn Art Library

    • Thank you so much for dropping by. I’ve done three so far. This Fiction Project has me pumped…I can hardly wait for it to arrive so I can get going. The best of luck with your project!

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