Simple Digital Painting using filters

duke,rufus paintThis piece is from a photo of two Airedales which is one of my favorites.  I will one day get around to painting in traditional watercolors.  For now, I have altered it using the oil paint filter in Photoshop to see how it would look as a painting.  The oil paint filter is quick and easy…the artistic-ness is measured in one’s choices in manipulating the settings within the filter…the program does all the work.


2 thoughts on “Simple Digital Painting using filters

  1. Delightful Airdales, I can see why this is a favorite picture. Please don’t be offended by my reaction to your digital art, I don’t understand the process but it looks to me like an oil painting that was put out in the rain for a little while before it had fully dried, leaving it curiously, well, watery.

    • Hi Lynn, thanks for dropping by. This digital art thing is a whole new mystery for me…just having a bit of fun with it. The slippery look is the result of my choices with the Photoshop filter controls. It is not even close to traditional, but then again digital art is far from traditional at all I guess. I appreciate your observation though…how else can one learn!!! Thanks again.

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