Paddy Lake-digital art

paint paddy lake

I transformed this lake scene photo into a digital painting using a variety of filters in Photoshop just as a reminder of warmer climes.  Today the temperature is sitting at -20C.  My mind at least needs a little thawing with the thought of warm summer breezes down by Paddy Lake.

My new Cintiq tablet is nestled snuggly beside me at my desk.  However, I have not gotten the correct adapter as yet to hook it up to my laptop…it is in the mail and on its way.  I am aching to test out the big beast…using the mouse to draw digital art is very cumbersome so I have not even gone there.

That is the reason for the digital art that I have been displaying is in the form of digitally transformed photos.  It is fun to do but I do yearn for the more personally creative use of the medium that a tablet will allow.


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