Cintiq Manga-style girl

My Cintiq tablet is up and running…the elusive adapter arrived in yesterday’s mail whilst we were off on an ice fishing trip.  It was very to easy to hook up and install on my laptop.  There is way too much to learn in terms of configuring and customizing to my own preferences to bother with just now.  I have waited so long and the default settings look just fine to me.

Manga-style girl

I did this little Manga-style girl as a test run to get the feel of how it functions.  It’s a little rough and I expect to see improvements in the future.  What an amazing technology this is to be able to draw right on the tablet screen.  It is a very clean art form…no erasure crumbs…no smudging (unless you deliberately use the smudge tool).  I am very pleased with the natural drawing ‘feel’ that it has. With practice I should be able to simulate a graphite sketch…actually just about any medium sketching.

Will this replace the real thing?  Well, for me it just might.


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