Horse digital drawing vs graphite drawing


Cintiq drawing as created

drawing with warm filter

drawing with warm filter

original graphite drawn in 2009

original graphite drawn in 2009

drawing in  black/white

Cintiq drawing in black/white

I used my Cintiq to draw this horse.  It is based on a graphite drawing that I did in 2009 which hangs directly in front of my art desk.  This made it an excellent candidate for recreating it on the tablet.  I was able to simulate the graphite look to my satisfaction.  With the added features of a warm filter and the de-saturating tool I was then able to alter the drawing with the touch of a button.

I am still stumbling along with the how-to-do-it portion as I use Photoshop tools.  The most valuable thing I learned while working on this project here was “save” often and when I want to try out something different or outrageous I should do it on a separate layer.  I had to ditch the whole works about half way through and start all over to really “learn” the importance of those two  rules!


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