A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I have started an Art Challenge and will be hosting in on my brand new blog Sketching Fire!! Check it out and join in too.

Sketching Fire

Let’s begin a journey together in search of creative fire…this is the Challenge:

Once a week on Friday (yes, it starts today!) the title of my post will be the “theme” for the week of creativity. For example this week’s theme is “spark”.

Take your time to determine the direction, interpretation and the many nuances of the word of the theme word.  It is all relative to the individual…take it where you want it to go, let it breathe and grow…let it burst into flame.  Begin to develop your sketchbook for the challenge whenever you are ready.  There is no limit to the number of sketchbook pages devoted to the theme of the week…create as many or as few as you wish.  Post your themed sketchbook entry on your blog either as you go so we can follow the process or in one marvelous giant sweeping post at the end of the week….be sure to drop in…

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